Our Services


Step 1

Review project drawings and begin take off of project tasks


Step 2

  • The Smith Group contacts Smith Site Development based on client’s needs: Sitework or General Construction.  
  • Smith Site Development contacts Gordian and schedules meeting with client.
  • Walk the job, understand expectations, timelines, and review process

Step 3

  • Smith Site Development develops the pricing from the plans and enters tasks into the eGordian software program
  • Gordian reviews and approves the pricing to come back to Smith Site Development for presentation to the owner

Step 4

Pricing is approved by owner and purchase order is issued directly to Smith Site Development authorizing the contractor to start work

With The Smith Group You Receive The Following Cooperative Purchasing Advantages.


More Projects Completed On-Time and On-Budget – Collaborative information sharing, detailed project scopes, and proven processes speed project delivery


Cost Savings & Enhanced Cost Visibility – More dollars spent on actual construction combined with standardized cost information


Reduced Deferred Maintenance Backlog – More projects are completed simultaneously per year at predetermined prices


Fewer Change Orders – Better communication improves project scope development and yields elimination of contractor-driven change orders


Reduced Legal Fees – Virtual elimination of legal disputes due to collaborative process and understanding of requirements


Transparency – Each project cost is developed via line item estimate/costs from the unit prices yielding full transparency


“Best Management Practice” Deployment – Collaborative and LEAN practices are supported and embedded within the proper processes and recent technology


Reduces administrative burden, costs, and time associated with bidding resulting in overall reduced costs of the projects


Allows for pricing and contracting to occur during the review process speeding the start of construction, reducing change orders, and effective plan review


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