Does the current construction manager supervise the project?

Yes that is possible. A coordination meeting between the contractor, owner, and construction manager can facilitate all job expectations.

What about certified payroll and other requirements?

All NYS requirements are still met. The contractor is required to submit all necessary information as required on any other bid.

What about bonding and other requirements?

That is established in the initial meeting. The contractor will be required to comply with all of the client expectations that are required of other contractors.

What about back up documents and procurement files in case we are audited?

Smith Site Development  will provide a full “bid” file to the district. This information can be used for future audits.

What about close-out and warranty?

All close out requirements expected for other contractors will be expected of the cooperative contractors. This can be coordinated through the CM, the owner, or Smith Site Development offers this service.

What about change orders?

Change orders are handled in the same transparent way. Gordian along with Smith Site Development will review the task and a formal change order will be calculated based on the task.


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