Case Study

Project Case Study

Vestal Central School District

The Smith Group was contracted to work with the Vestal Central School District for their 2017-2020 capital improvement project.

This project included major renovations to existing buildings including finishes, roofing, mechanical and electrical systems, campus road, and parking. This includes preparation of all plans, contract documents and specifications for District and SED approval, assistance with bidding, evaluations and award procedures, construction phase supervision, submission of a Certificate Substantial Completion and submission of a Final Cost Report in SED-required format.

$35 million dollar capital improvement project

  • 12/17 Referendum Vote
  • 1/18 – 10/18 A/E Design Project
  • 10/18 – 4/9 SED Review and Approval
  • 4/19 – Too late in the year for Traditional Bid, no work unless Coop

Traditional Bid – VS – COOP Process

Traditional Bid

  • Wait until 10/19 bid for 6/20 construction
  •  Take change of 10/19 bids coming in under budget
  • If over budget:
    • V.E.
    • Re-Design
    • Re-Bid
    • Submittal Review
    • Possibly lose work for 6/20
  • Maybe start construction 6/20 or wait until 6/21
  • District can only generate aid during construction

COOP Process

  • 4/19 Review scope and provide estimates

  • 5/19 Submittal for review 

  • 6/19 Start Construction

  • District generates aid 10 months earlier than traditional bid 


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