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If you work for a school district, government agency, higher education or any other location that requires a bid process you know how daunting the whole process can be. You have to go through the Pre-construction phase, SD, DD and CD sets of drawings, Estimation, Owner approval process, Bid Phase and Award Phase before you can even start construction. What if we told you we could help you eliminate a lot of those steps all while saving you money and possibly having your project be done early?!
At The Smith Group we facilitate Cooperative Procurements by helping to facilitate and administer cooperative purchasing networks (COOPs) for schools, government facilities and municipalities. We’ve developed a 4-step process to make sure things run as smoothly as possible on your project.

We have a tremendous amount of experience working with cooperative purchasing contracts. If you would like support through the process, The Smith Group has all the services to create a successful money saving project.


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The Process has a better chance to be on time

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Better Customer Satisfaction

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Higher Percentage of Projects on Budget

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Project Flexibility

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Project Case Study

The Smith Group was contracted to work with the Vestal Central School District for their 2017-2020 capital improvement project.

On Time!

This project is expected to be completed on time due to the ability of The Smith Group to work directly with the client and by using the COOP Process.

On Budget!

This project has an estimated $35 million dollar construction cost and The Smith Group will make make sure this project does not exceed that budget.


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